I have always loved ice cream. I mean, who doesn’t?

The Knickerbocker Ice Cream Company started as a retirement dream; a small parlour somewhere on the coast (Knysna maybe?) where we would make our own range of delicious ice cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt and sorbet and sell it to a discerning local clientele.

That was in May 2014. By July 2014 we had finished a business plan which told us that South Africa was crying out for what we wanted to make and sell right now, and only a handful of people were stepping up! Apart from the three or four large regional gelato companies there were just clusters of dedicated artisans making really interesting flavours and selling them at their own parlous and local markets and events. But the reach was limited.

The opportunity seemed to be to take quality ice cream to where the people were - so, we conceived the idea of South Africa’s first true pop-up ice cream parlour. The retirement plan got accelerated, the business plan got executed (well, Phase 1 anyway) and by November 2014 we were ready to launch.
So, here it is……….

The Knickerbocker pop-up parlour is an impressive size, really visually spectacular and serves 10 flavours of artisan made gelato, sorbet and Bulgarian frozen yoghurt (all natural ingredients), real dairy soft serve ice cream with a choice of ripples, a wide range of ice cream sundaes, waffles and milkshakes. We also have a fabulous range for those that need dairy free or sugar free options. We are all about traditional ice cream….the way it used to be, the way it should be.

We are totally mobile and have full independent power so we can go anywhere and we’re geared up to serve hundreds of people all day long. So, if you are running a rock festival in the bush, a country market, a major sporting event, a corporate function or even a wedding, and you want your guests to have a genuine ice cream experience, then talk to us. We’d also love to hear from schools and lifestyle estates who might want to organise monthly ice cream days.

As for Phase 2………….watch this space J

Andrew Hollick, Chief Ice Cream Officer

About us
The earliest Neapolitan ice creams were made of green pistachio, white vanilla, and red cherry ice cream and were made to resemble the Italian flag.